The 15-26mm double-sided multi-functional magnetic window cleaner with water-injection  has a unique internal structure design. It has a water reservoir and water injection for easier window cleaning, you don't have to make much effort to spray water and pour water directly to the window.

Comfort is one of the best quality of a product, and fonoran’s 15-26mm  Double Sided  Triangular Shaped Magnetic Glass Cleaning Window got it for you, it has a very comfortable hand grip that is built horizontally at the middle for you to apply more force with less effort.

It has a wipe strip design, the squeegee rubber will ensure the cleaning quality of your window cleaning work. You can remove all dust and any stains with just one wipe, supported with the water squeezing sponge which you can add detergent and water leaving your windows absolutely clean.

You don’t have to worry about causing any accidents or harming others, if any chance the other pair of the double sided triangular shaped magnetic glass window cleaner falls, it has a safety rope. It can also save it from shattering, for that you can save money.

You can now clean with ease and risk free with double sided magnetic window cleaner and it is more convenient compared to a normal window cleaner in terms of risk prevention such as falling accidents by positioning outside a building. Make yourself comfortable inside while cleaning your window away from danger and environmental pollution. 

Bullet Points:

● Clean bathroom, living room, bedroom and office glass windows

● Triangular-shaped magnetic glass wiper for thorough cleaning

● Designed with powerful internal magnet lock for 2 sides for safety

● Attachable anti-falling rope to prevent the cleaner from falling

● Self-contained water outlet (reservoir) and cleaning fluid for direct and convenient cleaning

● Perfect handgrip, hand clamping design, magnetic block, scraping tip and cleaning cotton for comfort and safety

● Sustainable for heavy-duty glass window cleaning



● Brand: Fonoran

● Squeegee Material: Rubber

● Handle Material: ABS Plastic

● Color: blue/red/lake bule/orange/Can be customized

● Measurement: 15cm x 13cm x 4.5cm

● Window Type Applicability: Single Layer, Double Glass, Three Layer Glass

● Season: Everyday use

● Note: For window cleaning purposes only