Located on Taizhou , the coast of East China Sea, -Taizhou Mingyou Intelligent & Technology Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise integrates production, marketing, research and development. We are specialized in household cleaning products and storage products. Such as two-sided magnetic window cleaners, duster, microfiber mops, glass cleaners with telescopic rod, drying rack, washable roller hair removers, storage series and so on. 

Meetingyou has established scientific and detailed schemes from perspectives of production process, management mechanism product quality, market positioning, marketing policies,etc. Based on the production concept of "being scientific and efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly",our company has dozens of advanced injection molding machines and establishes complete quality control system by strictly controlling raw materials purchasing and production process. Moreover, we also provides after-sales services and product quality tracking, which is a great achievement. Sticking to the aim of "providing customers with household cleaning and storage solutions", the company provides quality products and best services to satisfy customers and pursues brand awareness eternally. 

It is also achieving highest efficiency, lowest costs and competitive prices via excelsior production models and pursuing each process being accurate so that we can provide quality products to customers for appreciating support and favor from the industry!


To be a leading enterprise of household cleaning and storage products


To provide customers with household cleaning and storage solutions


Tolerate what others can't tolerate ,do what others can't do


Altruism, Inclusiveness, Efficiency, Change, Win-win


Work happily, wisdom and moral progress together


Pay first, get paid later. Pay More, get more reward